Artist Feature: James (Blues Singer)

Blues/Rock'n'roll singer


Favourite album: ‘If That’s What It Takes’ By Michael McDonald

Grew up listening to: Elton John, Billy Joel, The Beatles, Rod Stewart, Jools Holland, Tina Turner, Jerry Lee Lewis, Fats Domino.

Which artists/performers are your greatest influence: Elton John, Michael McDonald, Richard Tee, Rod Stewart, Steely Dan. (And lots more!)

Artists we should check out: Ruen Brothers (Who I’ve been lucky enough to play piano/bv’s for over the last year)

Career highlight: Recording with Rick Rubin in Malibu.

Claims to fame: Meeting Michael McDonald and him telling me he’s a fan of my own music.

Best gig you’ve seen this year: Steely Dan at Coachella music festival.

What does the future hold: Release my debut album next year and begin playing festivals with my band. Then just see what the future holds!

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